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29 Gifts in 29 Days. Can Everything Change In One Month?!?

Today is the day!!!!! I am bringing over my 29 Gifts blogs so you can see what I have been experiencing by being a part of this fantastic movement. For those of you that may be wondering what I'm talking about, please see my introductory blog here. Today is my 10th day in this challenge. There is a bit of catching up to do, and I was a little nervous about how to do it. I promise that the regular posts won't be nearly as long as these I just want to synchronize and since I am already 10 days deep, I will have a few posts reflecting a few days at a time. I'm thinking groups of 3. I'd like you to keep in mind there is nothing to buy and nothing to sign up for, I link to the book and to the 29 Gifts community so you have the option to get involved directly with them if you'd like. But whether you want to do it here, there, on your own, or not at all is up to you. My goal is simply to share this amazing experience and let you to decide for yourself. 

Because this blog, "Tee-riffic" is a place to house all of my blogs you can expect Tee-riffic blogs to have a normal title and 29 Gifts blogs to be titled 29 Gifts. Ok? And now, let's get started.. 

29 Gifts, Day 1May 25, 2011 at 10:11pm

Hello! I am so excited to be a part of this group and movement. I enjoyed Cami's book so much I read it all last night. I got to bed after 2 am but was happy to do so and super eager to put this idea into action as soon as I woke up today.

I woke up early and excited... even after having gone to bed late last night. The first thing that popped into my head was my intention for the day which was "Today, I give with purpose." Immediately my husband was front and center. I made an effort to give to him throughout the day. Early morning intimacy, a healthy lunch to enjoy outside, letting him know how proud I am of him and his current business accomplishments. I had signed up to volunteer for AIDS Project LA so I knew that opportunity was coming this evening but I also made a point to give with purpose to others throughout my day by providing greetings and smiles to those I came in contact with. I reached out to my daughter and one of my good friends as well.

As for what I got? Today has been sheer magic.

I felt great all day! Love seemed to be pouring in from all angles. On more than one occasion today my husband sincerely thanked me, & I felt closer to him. I also got home tonight to an unexpected invitation to a sushi dinner and news that some checks that had been of concern had arrived. Gifts for all.

Mbali, Cami, thank you for starting this and sharing it. To everyone in this community, thank you. Thanks so much for being here and providing a place for us to grow, learn, and share like this. I am truly honored to be a part. Cheers to our adventure. 

Many blessings :)

29 Gifts, Day 2May 26, 2011 at 9:52pm

Today was challenging. Last night's crazy dream and unrest had me wake up in a daze. Immediately I was attacked by negative thoughts... argh. It had a hold on me the first half of the day. After talking with my husband, I felt a little more relieved and I made it a point to have today's giftly intention in mind. Today I chose, "Today I give with love."

Amidst my tasks and the flow of the day it appeared I wasn't going to get much outside interaction. This troubled me a bit because lately being out is what I prefer and I DEFINITELY prefer giving in person. However, this is what I managed to do today. 

I gave love via the internet. Sharing kind words wherever I could. Nothing contrived just goodness I felt as I was cruising cyberspace. 

I also sent my girlfriend a gift via email. A blog I had read earlier that I felt might be the answer for her recent unrest. 

Then there was the last thing. Just like that saying. Saving the best for last....

After working from home all day hubby invites me to get out and while reluctant at first it dawned on me this would be the perfect opportunity to give a gift along with spending some time with him. So, while he stopped at the Baskin Robbins, I chose a woman that was after him and bought her ice cream cone for her. The surprise in the cashier's and the woman's eyes were enough to completely erase any madness I was in because of my rocky start today. In that moment the three of us were in on something special and there was wonder and joy just beaming from all of us. I can't even describe how amazing I feel even now writing about it. I have to say my eyes are watering a bit. 

As for what I got? Joy. Peace. And a sense of wonder that reminds me of Christmas Eve as a child. 

Thank God. Thank you. Thankful for giving.

29 Gifts, Day 3May 28, 2011 at 1:27am

12:24 am, it's been a glorious day. I would've posted sooner but I was off galavanting. Just got back from seeing "Arthur" starring Russell Brand. I really like him. He seems so genuine and the movie was so good! His accent makes me want to say things like rubbish, incinerate, and frolic. LOL, alas I digress. 

Today's intention? "I give with peace."

I had 2 giving experiences today. One of them was AMAZING and the other was quite weird. I suppose I'll start off with the weird to get it out of the way.

I was sitting reading a magazine at an outdoor mall, when suddenly a woman came up to me and asked me if I had any money to help her and her baby. She was holding something tightly wrapped in her arms but I could not see it's face, there was no sound or movement. She gestured like she was going to open the blanket while saying, "Can you spare something so I can feed my baby?" I don't know why but I found it off putting. Something about her seemed inauthentic. Still almost automatically, I reached in my bag and gave her a dollar. What was good about this for me was not thinking too much about it, judging it, or avoiding it. I was happy that my gifting happened quite automatically, it made me feel like something really could be shifting for me indeed. 

The amazing gift is one that fills me with so much joy and an enormous sense of purpose. A few weeks ago while out to eat lunch with my hubby I noticed a thrift store and decided to walk in to check it out. It was as if I had been summoned. I wasn't going there to look for a cool item, I wanted to see what they were doing because it boasted charitable works. Upon entering I met and spoke briefly with the owner and what has ensued has been simply divine. He had asked me for help. Board of Directors kind of help. I immediately felt a calling to the place and was intrigued by the proposition but was scared after having our first meeting at what type of time commitment this would mean and whether or not I was in over my head. Additionally I was worried about finances. Well, today I walked in for our 2nd meeting with the intention to give with peace. Just with that in my mind my energy felt completely different and as we spoke any doubts I had were completely erased. Even though I had l aready intended to help I feel as though today I really gave my commitment because my heart and mind were finally at peace with everything and I am no longer afraid or nervous. In addition I started giving my first of many gifts I'll give to them which is working on my first task of getting their website up and running!

The gifts I've received thus far have been tremendous. The way I feel, my energy level, a wonderful text message from the girlfriend I gifted yesterday, a wildly welcome call and visit from my daughter just to get a hug, and the feeling that I really can and will do "it". No matter what the "it" may be.... :)

Isn't it amazing how a positive perspective can change everything? I took this picture of my glass of water while working at my desk. I have a glass of water with me every day all the time yet I had never noticed this before. A rainbow, via my water glasses' reflection. Ain't life grand? <3

If you are still reading this, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and congratulate you on your interest in this. In an effort not to overwhelm, I will be posting 3, 29 Gifts blogs at a time every weekday until Thursday June 9th which is when everything should be caught up and I will be on my 16th day. After that, you can expect daily posts chronicling this experience. Your readership already fills me up with humility and gratitude, your subscriptions send me over the moon. Either way, I thank you for spending some time with me. May you feel joyous and at peace always remembering how magnificent you are. Blessings. <3

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