Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life Changing Stuff

Tomorrow is a BIG day. My previous post introducing my 29 Day challenge gives a little insight but tomorrow I will catch you up by bringing over my daily 29 Gifts blogs so you can see what I have been experiencing by being a part of this fantastic movement. Today is my 9th day in this challenge. Because Tee-riffic is a place to house all of my blogs you can expect Tee-riffic blogs to have a normal title and 29 Gifts blogs to be titled 29 Gifts. With that said, a quick blurb about what else is going on...

I have been chucking fear out the window and going after things in a whole new way these days. I've applied for some new opportunities and am looking forward to introducing some great new projects soon. I do not mean to speak in riddles here I just can't share details unless it is confirmed so please wish me well! I think we can all relate to how difficult it can be to reach out into the unknown and try completely new things. Each new step while scary at times once taken is it's own reward because most times we will achieve and if nothing else we confront our fears and are stronger because of it.  I look forward to sharing things with you in the upcoming days that will change all of our lives for the better. Not because I have all the answers, but because as I learn and do these things and experience these miraculous shifts in my life I want to share with YOU. It is my wish that we all have the absolute best we can see for ourselves. How do you feel about chucking your fear? Is there something you are looking forward to manifesting? Please share and know that you have someone right here, rooting for you.

With love, Tee

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