Friday, July 22, 2011

Tee-riffic: Auditionlicious. A magical day In the Life of An Actor

3 audition notices last night had me picking wardrobe, mapping out my locations, running lines, and getting to bed early. Today was amazing from the start. Here's how it went down...

Woke up showered, dressed, headed out to eat:

Once done, loaded up my car and drove to my first location. Ran lines the whole way there. Parking spot was found right in front. YES. First audition had me pregnant. Complete with strap on belly. I also had a set and props. Awesome. I felt good and had fun. *Preparation is everything... ;)

Back to car for clothes, off to change at facility bathroom. Headed out to next location. Arrival? On time. Parking spot opened up right before me. YES. On way to studio, 3 beautiful white butterflies encircled my path. Is this really happening?? It did. Thank you God. I seriously reached out to one inviting it to land on my hand. A little Disney sure but hey I'm a "seize the day" type so why not try right? There was a slight wait but no shortage of entertainment. A phony cricket had me and many others fooled. I almost screamed. Thank goodness I didn't. There were child actors dressed up as ladybugs and bees, a casting director that wasn't having the best day somehow making it all seem so comical. What a wonderful life indeed. I got to play. I had fun. I interacted. So fulfilling..

Audition #3 was also on the west side. One of my loveliest friends lives in the area and she had been on my mind. I got to visit her and spend some time. A cherished few hours and delicious Thai lunch later, I was off to what I thought as my 3rd and final audition. 

Enter the casting office and there's an explosion of sound. Like a hen house. Just a bunch of ladies, a lot of New Yorkers, and a little chaos. It was awesome. While waiting I greeted some of the casting directors I know there and got invited to audition for another project. YES!!! Amazing. I ran back to my car (where I *have some spare clothes for surprise auditions) and changed my top to read for this new project. I then was up to go in for what was originally my 3rd opportunity. I left soaring with the clouds. Happy, grateful, excited. I love what I do. I had never had 4 auditions in a day before and to have so many other amazing things happen, I was and still am on top of the world. So much so, I just sang all the way home.

The items in this blog that have asterisks are tips to fellow actors. 
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Perspective is everything and while I get to be a lot because I'm an Actor, what I choose to be most is happy. Won't you join me?? 

Big love, enjoy your weekend. 

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