Friday, July 15, 2011

Tee-riffic: Buzzin with ideas!

2:22 am, can't believe I'm up like this! Energetic even though an occasional yawn escapes my lips. Tons of ideas swirling around in my head. Some on paper, some I have started to implement. Things are buzzin'! I'm buzzin'!!! I wonder who is out there right now feeling just like me. What do you do when you're bursting with ideas? 

Sometimes family, relationships, responsibilities, weigh us down. I know there have been times my idea well has seem to run dry and then there are times the ideas are gushing out of me. I think I feel like this now because I have been changing a lot and continue to change a lot in my life. In the past seven months I have had changes spanning where I live, what I do, what I eat, how I spend and budget my money, what I wear, and who I have surrounding me. I am certain this has a lot to do with what is now coming to me. What do you think? Ever experience anything like this before?

I personally am happy at all of this new-ness. Some of the things I am doing to welcome it are:

Immediately acting on opportunities.
Continually embracing things with excitement.
Expressing gratitude.
Allowing myself to capture whatever might come at me next. I keep my iPhone right next to me while I sleep on my nightstand. In my nightstand? I have a pen along with a couple of journals. You never know when you'll need to write down an idea, thought, or dream.. :)

Although I can't speak on all the "new" I have up my sleeve, here are a couple photos of some little ways I've newed up my style:

I felt super fancy in this hat I got for less than $20. Bonus on the super sun protection. :)
This mani I put together myself yesterday. Had fun & love the results.

I hope to hear what's new with you whether you are in a surplus or just hoping to get the juices flowing. Cheers to fun, new, prosperous ventures for all of us.  xo

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