Friday, July 15, 2011

Tee-riffic: Money In The Bank, Actor Style

Stevie Wonder "Master Blaster" plays via my white iHome and I type this out to you from my home office excited and soaring really because it's impossible to be sad or upset if you are counting your blessings. Today my agent let me know my check is ready. One of many I look forward to receiving. This one though, is from an Orbit commercial shoot.

Everything about this experience has been awesome. The audition, the callback, being put on avail and getting booked. Then there's the fun of the fitting and finally off to the set! Every person on this shoot was friendly, professional, and fun. I met a fellow actor named Ari who was so cool. I don't have a picture with him, but here are some pictures of the rest:

Oh, we're feeling fancy now! :P

"My" trailer..

With the loveliest makeup artist. Love learning about new techniques!

Delicious food. Ceviche, salad, prime rib, halibut, brown rice, and veggies! For desert I chose a hot chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. YUM...

Last but certainly not least, the star of the spot, the Orbit girl. Her name is Faris and she is SO sweet. 

Cheers to money in the bank for all of us. Thanks for reading. xo

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