Sunday, November 6, 2011

Culturally cool stuff in Los Angeles....

Hello loves, I know it's been a while. I've been living and learning. Trying new things and spending time on my craft of acting, spending time crafting my life, my vision. I am enjoying new foods, places, and examining lifestyles that are new to me too. I love to learn and I firmly believe that learning every day keeps me vibrant and alive. Plus, I find it really fun. 

In the process of doing new things I've come across some things I'd like to recommend. There is only 1 item on this list you cannot go and do but I am going to include some pics so you can enjoy a little bit of what I've seen. Ok, here it goes!

MUSEUM OF TOLERANCE: I just went there today for the first time and was not only moved but educated on how bigotry affects all people across the world even today. You can learn about the holocaust, about things that have gone on in the beginning of our nation, our recent past, and that are going on now. I found it very enlightening and thought provoking. I was also stoked because I found something I had wanted for quite some time. 

BEAUTY CULTURE: I visited this FREE exhibit last week and was totally inspired and educated by it. There were so many interesting perspectives to be considered. Great photography, artistry through makeup, and the dark side of our beauty perceptions and how we feel pressured to strive towards those ideals. The space is stunning and won't take up your whole day. Plus, all you have to pay for is parking. Get validated to reduce the cost of that ( to less than 5 dollars.) :)

TIM BURTON EXHIBIT LACMA: This was my Halloween treat. I have loved Tim Burton's work and have seen almost every movie he has ever been involved with. I have also seen some of his shorts.. Not only was I glad to have a happy Halloween due to this, but the fact Halloween was the last day of the exhibit, only made it more special for me. The link provided above will let you enjoy quite a bit and hopefully some of the photos below will too....

This week I am going to enjoy another museum for the first time. There is an exhibit there that I am very excited to see, I don't recommend things unless I have done them personally so I will let you know how that one pans out once I attend. Hopefully you enjoy some of the great places listed above. A couple others I have been to and liked are The Getty Center & The La Brea Tar Pits

Here's to learning, art, inspiration, and broadening our horizons. Big love!!! xo

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