Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magazines. Oh The POWER!

I have been a lover of fashion magazines for as long as I could remember. Growing up, they were a bit of a luxury. But as a teenager, once I was able to score my mags, our love affair was sealed! Fashion magazines showed me a world I could only dream about. Far off places, unmistakable beauty. Riches displayed via clothing and other material items hinting at an amazing world. A world where adventure, health, beauty, was not only possible but THRIVING! I know this is where my love of photography, fashion, style, and beauty was born. These are things that still bring me great joy.

My first dream ever, was to be a supermodel. I have since been blessed to experience a piece of that dream. My very 1st passport stamp was provided when I was flown out to the Bahamas for a swimsuit shoot and runway show. As for my latest modeling bit, a feature in FHM Malaysia coming January 2012!

That aside, which one of us, woman or man, hasn't seen something in a magazine that just held our breath for a minute? That amazing article of clothing you just know you'd stop traffic with, that gorgeous model's body, that ultra cool gadget, or amazing home you just see yourself living in.

There are people that say that magazines are bad. That they depict things that are impossible. Visions unattainable by most. To that, I say boo.

Who's to say what's attainable and for whom?

My preferred subscriber status not only gives me amazing deals on my beloved subscriptions but also ensures that each month, treasures will be delivered into my mailbox. Pages of dreams, aspirations, knowledge, and beauty. Yeah, I have yet to buy my $1,000 pair of shoes or safari in Africa, but as I look back I see a whole world of stuff no one but me thought I'd be able to do. Who's to say I will  not accomplish these?  ;)

I am sure you too have done some amazing things. So let's get on with our bad selves and make "it" happen. I'm right here if you wanna tell me about it. Now, back to my magazine....

: *

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