Monday, December 12, 2011

Museum fun. L.A. Culture.

In my last L.A. Culture post, I told you about some great things you could do, and had expressed there were a couple more things I would write about once I'd visited them. Well here they are! During this holiday season, you may be concerned about spending extra money to go out or you may find yourself overwhelmed by the holiday to-do's. Hopefully neither of those is the case for you, but if so, you can rest assured that outings to these locations will not only be easy on your wallet but they will be easy on your time schedule as well.

The first is The Skirball Center:
What attracted my attention was their "Women hold Up Half The Sky" exhibit. I had passed by Skirball many times but finally had my first visit recently when this exhibit peaked my interest. I really loved the whole museum especially their method of creating the exhibits. So fun! I loved being taken away to the times and places depicted. For those interested and able, you can visit the entire museum for FREE on Thursdays. It's a lovely space perfect for all ages. There is also a cafe and gift shop along with a fabulous range of exhibits all made incredibly interesting by allowing you to interact with and / or enjoy the information with their signage, displays, and media. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

My badge for the day! I love free access. :D

The second recommendation is The Getty Villa:
This spectacular museum is located in Malibu, which will provide a delight on the way there and back as you will be greeted by delicious views of the ocean. Admission is always FREE (you print out your timed entry ticket online & pay $15 for parking.) This space is filled with antiquities dating back as far as 200 BC. They have gorgeous grounds, dazzling statues, and media along with exhibits and interactive tours for you to enjoy. There is a cafe that serves organic foods, a coffee stand, and you can even order a glass of wine or beer if you'd like. My favorite thing was the ability to touch a gorgeous marble statue of Venus. I had never experienced anything like it. Imagine the feel of a human body made out of marble! She felt so real... Here are some pictures. I hope you like them!

Her body feels so real! 

I hope you have enjoyed these glimpses of the Skirball Center and Getty Villa. Tell me, are there any museums you like? Which are your favorite and why? If you find yourself going to either of these, I would love to hear what you thought. Thanks for reading, until the next time, BIG hugs.

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