Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

If you read my last post, you know I did not plan anything for New Year's Eve and that resulted in some pressure. But, I resolved to go with the flow and follow my gut. So what happened? How did it all turn out? Quite well.

Hubby and I enjoyed a meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant. All the while we were discussing what we had learned throughout the year and what we were planning to go into this new year with. Intention is very important and it felt good to share ours with each other and put things into perspective.

We had come up with a plan to go to one of our favorite hiking spots. It allows for a magnificent view. The clearing is really beautiful, you could see nature and city... We were all packed up with folding chairs, a bottle of wine, and other goodies, then headed off. Once there, it turned out to be quite an experience as we reminded ourselves that coyotes roam the area at night!! : O Deciding to still give it a go, we trudged on, flashlights in hand, light, due to leaving our packed goodies behind. We didn't make it all the way but we enjoyed every minute of our trek. We pushed past our limits and left the place feeling triumphant and energized. Ha!! It was great.

After driving around the city, we enjoyed a toast and fireworks from our rooftop. It was splendid. About a year or two ago, I started to approach each new year with a motto instead of resolutions. What I liked about that is my motto helped me be and remember my greatest intentions the whole year and seemed to color my choices at the same time. The motto for this year hit me while last year was closing...  "Year of firsts." More on that, in my next post.

Love ya! Happy New Year!

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