Tuesday, June 19, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 2

I am on a mission to change my life forever. My goal is to develop the healthy habit of exercising daily. This is not about weight loss although I do expect to see positive changes in my body. For me, this is about strength, health, discipline, confidence, and accomplishment. Yesterday was my first day.

This morning I woke up stiff and sore. It wasn't unbearable but I definitely felt various parts of my body aching from yesterday's workout. The main parts I was feeling were my calves, upper arms, back, and shoulders. I have to admit this made me happy because it was proof I had done something. It also made me a little scared because I was going to do another workout today. Hubby recommended I take advil. I decided instead to have breakfast first. This is another way I am going about this differently. In the past, I would attempt working out by starting my day with a workout first thing. This is because I do prefer the morning but it was also because I was afraid I wouldn't do a workout if I didn't. Now I am letting myself have breakfast first. It gives me fuel and a sense of calm. This is a new day and a new me. There is no time or space for fearful thoughts. :)

After breakfast I decided to do the P90X stretch workout. This is an hour of yoga type moves with stretching and holding patterns that work your whole body. It turned out to be the perfect remedy for my stiffness. I especially liked the frog, circles, and morning stretch moves. It was fantastic to have body parts I didn't even know were stiff be opened up. I also would like to incorporate these into my life at random times. Afterward I felt a sense of calm, accomplishment, peace, and flexibility. No advil required.

I am finding that both these days I am a lot more hungry than usual. That has alarmed me a bit because mentally I feel more eating equals more calories and that turns into fat. However, I am making healthy choices and will be going to the market to stock up on items that will give me what I feel my body needs at this time, in a healthy way. Some things I am looking to get are:

Greek yogurt
Steel cut oats

As for what I have eaten today so far:

Egg, spinach, and onion scramable with 1 piece of whole wheat toast. - Pre workout
Fresh carrot celery apple juice. - Post workout
Quarter chicken meal from Zankou with basmati rice and tabbouleh sides. No pita.
Multiple glasses of water. (Right now my average is about 6 glasses a day.)

I'd like to mention that my girlfriend Jennifer reached out to me out of the blue to go on a hike. I was unable to at the time she was available but I was really happy to have gotten the invitation and thought it was a wonderful "coincidence" cause no sooner had I made space in my life for this goal and other things I have been desiring in my life are manifesting.  YAY!

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