Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 3

6:26 pm, my third day. I have to come clean and tell you that I did end up needing Advil yesterday. I took some right before bed because I was feeling quite stiff and sore from yesterday's workout. I am going to take some more tonight before bed. Nothing throughout the day, but before bed is good while I'm regenerating and getting used to this activity.

Last night, I decided to look into the P90X books that came with our DVDs. I was happy to see how far I have come nutritionally, I remember when we first got the DVDs 2 years ago a lot of what was listed seemed foreign and overwhelming. After doing grocery shopping last night and looking in the book, I realized I now generally eat well. Yes! I did decide to incorporate their hydration schedule. In doing so, I have already blown my average 6 daily cups out of the water. I am on cup 9 now and it is only late afternoon.

I am noticing great sleep these nights. I have enjoyed restful sleep regularly but something about these sleeps seems deeper, richer. I woke up this morning stiff and not as peppy and generally have felt less "up" today. It could be that I did not have any pressing appointments in addition to the fact it is my third consecutive day of exercising.

After breakfast, I chose the P90X Core Synergistics workout because it is listed in their Lean plan which is another thing I looked over after the nutrition booklet last night. Because I prefer lean, smooth, and strong over muscular, I decided I would follow the P90X Lean DVD recommendations.

This was my toughest workout yet. I was huffing, puffing, heaving, and grunting. There were some exercises I could not do completely so I decided to do modifications. Instead of some of the multi push up moves towards the end, I decided to hold the plank pose for the duration to work my core. I did complete though and also went the bonus round so I felt SUPER accomplished. I have to admit I almost wanted to cry upon finishing.

I was super impressed that my husband worked out today because he is not doing this challenge with me. He did the P90X cardio workout once I was done. Said I inspired him. <3

As for today's food intake:
Breakfast - Steel cut oats with almonds, strawberries, blueberries, and ground flaxseeds. 2 cups of coffee. 2 glasses of water. - Pre workout
Fresh kale cucumber apple lemon ginger juice, 1 sourdough toast with avocado, 2 glasses of water. - Post workout
Open faced ham sandwich with mayo, mustard, spinach, tomato, with a greek salad of feta, cucumber, tomato, olive oil. 2 cups water.
I have also had water in between these meals.

Until tomorrow, xo

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