Friday, July 6, 2012

30 Days to Greatness. Day 19, Hitting a Wall...

Hey there, this is day 19 of my 30 day challenge that is aimed at building the healthy habit of working out as a lifestyle. I did workout today about 1 hour and 1/2 ago which is about 5pm. I have previously mentioned that late day workouts are not my preference as they seem to be more difficult than when I workout before noon. Anyway, that is not the only thing that has come up for me. Below, I will list my daily workout and nutrition along with the difficulties I am facing and how I will try to tackle them. Let's go....

Today's workout:
P90X Legs and Back with the Ab Ripper X as dictated by their Lean Plan.

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast - Portobello mushroom, tomato, onion, and egg stack with 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch pre workout - Tuna with chopped onion sandwiched between an English muffin. Low sodium V8 to drink.
Snack after workout - 2 tablespoons of the leftover tuna with chopped onion.
Water all day.

Difficulties & Remedies:
I have been getting really hungry.
*I know this is because I need to tweak the timing of my meals. I probably should add more food too. This is a challenge because I do not want to indulge in a lot of animal products. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I just feel better when I have mostly vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I am going to start trying to eat every 4 hours.

I have been getting fatigued.
*This I feel is due to my food intake and meal timing as well as my working out later in the day. I am going to start trying to eat every 4 hours and am going to start being more regimented about when I workout. I think this will help my energy level and my body. Our bodies are smart and remember patterns. We'll see how this goes.

The brand new fresh kicks I talked about in yesterday's post, turned out to be challenging. Believe it or not, these shoes are so fantastic, cushy, and flexible, that it was a challenge to stay balanced on some of the moves. For this I plan on sticking with it. I enjoy rising to the occasion and will definitely repost on how this works out. I love my shoes!!!

Cheers, to your health.


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