Thursday, July 5, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Days 17 & 18!

Hi there, hope you had a great 4th of July. I apologize for not blogging on the 4th I had a DJ gig which is why I didn't blog. I can tell you that I did work out and as for my nutrition I'll fill you in on what I remember... Here we go:

Day 17 Workout:
Arms & Shoulders with Ab Ripper X as dictated by the P90X Lean Plan.
I enjoy this workout very much. So far, I have been using resistance bands and they have been working although I will soon buy dumbbells because I think it will make the movements more fluid and I will not have to worry about setting up the bands for each exercise.

Day 17 Nutrition:
Breakfast pre workout - Cream of Wheat with ground flaxseeds, almonds, and honey. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Open faced tuna sandwich, with tomato, onion, and spinach on cracked whole wheat sourdough bread. Low Sodium V8 to drink.
Dinner - Tuna (leftover from lunch) in an open faced sandwich. Water to drink.
*Water all day. I usually have 10 cups+ but this day I didn't because I had cocktails at my DJ gig. I had 3 vodka cranberry drinks. I'm noticing that drinking is not what it used to be. My night's sleep was terrible and I am starting to wonder if drinking is really necessary at all. Perhaps it's because when I am eating and drinking good things that fuel and nourish my body, it feels so good. So now, when I have drinks it may be fun for a bit but I don't enjoy the feeling afterward. My body just doesn't feel top notch when I do that. I'll share more on this when I come to a more of a conclusion.

Because of last night's sleep and the fact it was overcast I was tired most of the day. I also did not set myself up for success. Still, I did get my workout on. I also got myself part of the reward I set up for myself when I took on this challenge. Here's today's 411.....

Day 18 Workout:
Yoga X as recommended by the P90X Lean Plan

Day 18 Nutrition:
Breakfast - 3 cups of coffee
Lunch post workout - Fresh juice made of carrot apple and lemon. Egg scramble of tomato mushroom onion and spinach along with a buttered cracked wheat sourdough toast.
Snack - Bowl of cherries.
Water all day.
* Not eating before my workout was not good. I was already feeling sluggish but didn't eat because I wasn't hungry. My energy during the workout and after has been lacking.

However, I did got to Sport's Authority and got one of my rewards!! I am so excited, I absolutely LOVE my purchase and I signed up for a free rewards card with them (Not a credit card, it's like a Ralph's card) which means I am going to save $5.00 when I go back for clothes!! Plus, I had gotten blessed with a 20% off coupon for Sport's Authority in the mail so I got these for 20% off! Check it out, my swanky new workout kicks:

"Success doesn't come to you, you go to it." - Marva Collins 

Go after it!!!

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