Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do Good For Others, Do Good For Yourself

Hi friends! Hope things are stellar in your world today. No matter what the state of things, I know of something that can usher good in immediately!! Ready for it? Helping someone else. I know it may seem hard to even think of this if you are very busy, have limited resources, or find yourself not feeling very well. If that is the case for you, I'm sending you a BIG digital hug right now! But I assure you, that I have compiled a list of ways you can do good for someone else no matter what your situation may be. So take a look and see if anything here strikes your fancy...

Play multiple choice crossword games online for charity

Doing good for others can bring immediate feelings of joy and can help to bring the blessings you wish for. For what we give, we also receive. Multiplied abundantly. I hope you liked the offerings listed above. 

Here is one more idea for giving back.... 

In a previous post, I mentioned my love for magazines. Then I got a great idea! A couple months ago while driving I noticed a Dialysis Center. I realized that the people that go there do so regularly and for extended periods of time. So I figured, I could go and drop off my magazines once I'd read them and spice up the experience a bit for people with fun and current things to read. I have been doing this once a month for the past two months and have actually compiled a small stack for January. 

I just pop in with my stack of magazines and put them in the magazine rack in the lobby. The reception is always thankful and it only takes a minute to do. 

Let's go get our give on! Cheers to giving and receiving life's treasures. xo xo xo 

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