Monday, June 25, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, THIS is Day 8.

First off, I'd like to give thanks for the glorious weekend I had. A movie on Friday night with my husband and then Saturday and Sunday we spent at gatherings that totally enriched our souls. It was really great and I am so appreciative. Do you ever get to take stock, just really let yourself review and be grateful for the goodness? I hope you do, there is so much goodness around us. Something about noticing it seems to let it know it's welcome and then it shows up more... So yeah, I'm really grateful that this weekend was so great.

Sunday was my day of rest. I did not do any workouts. I still drank a ton of water because I genuinely enjoy it now. I also had a delicious salad that my Mom had made, it was so good I did not need any dressing, and lasagna, two helpings. What??? ;)

For those of you wanting to drink more water, you can try:
Make it fun! Give yourself a cup goal and mark off each cup you drink.
Add some healthy natural flavor! Lemon wedges, lime wedges, orange wedges, or cucumber taste good! There are also added benefits to this.

As for today, I wondered if it would be hard getting back to it. After all, I had just enjoyed a day of rest and I still feel sore daily. But, I was excited to get my workout in and when my husband suggested we go to the park, I told him I sure would once I exercised. It felt good. I felt empowered at keeping my date with myself. It was totally different than any obligation I might have felt in the past and that was wonderful.

Today's P90X Lean Plan called for Cardio X. It was good. I found I took a few more water breaks than I remember taking the first time. On the flip side I hung in on the kicks a lot better than the first time. It was great. I was sweaty, heaving, and happy. In my first 30 Days to Greatness post I mention the reward I am going to give myself upon completing 2 consecutive weeks. I do not own workout gear so a nice new workout outfit is motivating to me. I have always been tomboyish at the gym. Sweats and large t shirts but I am feeling so good I just may buy something cute. There may even be a little midriff showing... If you're thinking about being fit, taking a stand for health, or just releasing extra stress regularly by working out, GO FOR IT. It feels that good.

Speak soon... <3

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